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We sell quality goat milk and goat milk products for ANIMAL CONSUMPTION.


          Welcome to our site!  We encourage you to look through the pages to learn a little about us and our goats. Ebony Farms was originally started when I was in high school and living in Camarillo, California.  I bought my first goat as an FFA project.  Her name was Sweet Ebony.  She was a pygmy goat.  I brought Sweetie to the fair with her kids and spent 2 weeks at the childrens petting barn.  During that time, I got to see tons of different animals coming and going.  I spent a lot of time at the livestock barns and I discovered dairy goats.  At that point I decided that pygmy goats were not for me.

            After Sweetie's kids were weaned I sold her and the kids and then bought my first nubian dairy goat.  Her name was Nova-Farms Second Hand Rose.  She will forever hold a special place in my heart.  She taught me so much and was truely my baby.  I started my herd with her.  Due to getting married, eventually I had to disperse my herd due to my husband being in the military.  Eventually, he retired and we found ourselves in Panama City Beach, FL.  This enabled me to regroup and build a new herd.  The lines that you will find in my herd includes Goldthwaite, Kastdemur, Lakeshore and Kismet.

            My herd is actively shown.  We have also started DHIR & LA in January of 2009.  Our herd is CL, turburculosis and bruccelosis TESTED free and we practice CAE prevention.  We also have a goal of eventually testing our complete herd for G6S.  Results will be posted as we test.  Our goats are fed perinnial peanut hay, 16% grain mix, free choice Golden Blend minerals and baking soda, and clean fresh well water.  We give BoSe, copper boluses, along with CD&T bi-annually to all our goats.  Please enjoy our site!

           Proud to be an INBA Member!


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