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2012/2013 Breeding Calendar

We are making plans for our 2012 breedings and taking deposits on the 2013 kid crop              

ALL DOE RESERVATIONS ARE FULL FOR 2013!!  We can add you to a list if one becomes available, but are not accepting anymore deposits on doe kids at this time.

         This chart represents what we have planned for a successful 2013 kidding season.  Breeding will start taking place late Early September.  We will add a breeding & due date once breeding takes place.  If you are interested in a particular breeding or have a suggestion of what you'd like to see, please let us know. We do give a discount for multiple kid purchases and to individuals who are on DHIR test, as well as LA, and to 4H or FFA youth.

            We reserve the right to collect 20 straws of semen from any of the bucks sold, at the price of collection.  If you are interested in a buck, we will need a deposit before they are 3 weeks of age.  We won't sell any bucks we wouldn't use ourselves and those will all be wethered.  

             We do reserve the right to retain any  kid born for our herd improvement program.  We require a $100.00 NON-Refundable deposit on your kid.  If we decide that we want to keep the kid from the breeding that you've chosen, we will refund your deposit in full, or we will happily put your deposit on another kid. This does not normally happen!  We want you to get a quality doe and don't want to keep them all for ourselves!  We don't believe in that. 

            Any goats shipped , buyers are responsible for ALL costs associated with shipping the goat(s).  Any goats shipped outside of the continental U.S., buyers are responsible for ANYTHING associated with the shipping, which includes any test that may be required whether it is on the goat buyer would be purchasing or any other goat in the herd.  All buyers are responsible for the cost of the crate, health certs, etc.  YES, WE DO SHIP INTERNATIONALLY.  Additional fees will apply for USDA Quarantines.


    Available kids will be in RED under the results column

Last updated March 11, 2013



Date Bred

Date Due



 SGCH Goldthwaite Hey Baby CH Twin-Reflections Ace of Spades      7/17   12/14   1 B            1 buck
 SG Ebony-Farms Enchanted Missy Goldthwaite Hollywood        ?    June             2 does
 Goldthwaite Niccolette SG Goldthwaite My Leige Othello (AI)      9/7     2/4     1 D           1 doe
 Goldthwaite Hannibal Kismet Smooth As Ice     11/24     4/23  1 B, 1 D  None available
 Goldthwaite Samba Kismet Smooth As Ice     12/7     5/6          2 does
 SG Goldthwaite Mistique Kismet Smooth As Ice        ?       ?                 2 does
 Goldthwaite Precious Kismet Smooth As Ice     11/29     4/28  2 B, 1 D      1 Buck, 1 does
 SG Laurel Oak Fancy Pants Kismet Smooth As Ice     12/6     5/5          2 does, 1 buck
 Ebony-Farms HD Holly CH Twin-Reflections Ace of Spades     10/3      3/2       2 B                 2 bucks
 SG Shakticap Vrazzle Vdazzle Ebony-Farms GR Balboa     10/14     3/131 B, 2 D          2 does   
 Red Wash Debine Legacy J-Nels Southern Salsa     9/13     2/10   2 D           2 does   
 Laurel Oak Roxxsable Kismet Smooth As Ice       ?


          2 does


 FIRST FRESHENERS                  
 Ebony-Farms GR Jitterbug  Kismet Smooth As Ice   11/29     4/28 1 B, 1 D           2 does

    Please be aware that bucks are available from FIRST FRESHENERS after dams have been evaluated in milk. We will take a reservation on them, but if we don't feel that they meet our standards, buck will not be sold as a buck, it will be wethered.  Deposits are non-refundable, but we will gladly transfer it to another breeding.

     The following does will be staying dry for the 2013 season: 

  • Ebony-Farms FMR Moonpie
  • Ebony-Farms FMR Syrah
  • Ravens Haven J Constance


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