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Goldthwaite Hollywood *B

DOB:  12/29/2010        N1560684



     We had the pleasure of being able to use Hollywood's maternal brother CH Goldthwaite Enchanted Prince a few years ago, which resulted in the births of SG Enchanted Missy and Hot Diggity.  When Beverly Goldthwaite offered us to use Hollywood, it was our pleasure!  Prince proved that his breeding could give us stucturally correct animals and now that Hollywood is here, he has really proven to be a very correct boy!  Hollywood is so level across his topline and stands very square.  Overall, he is a very nice, smoothly blended buck.  His bone is incredible to top it all off!  With knowing his dam's milky back ground, we are confident that he will pass it on, as did his 1/2 brother Prince.  Hollywood's dancecard for the 2012 season is:  Niccolette, Samba, Baby, Finale, Holly, Estrella, Kalamazoo, Santa Cruz, Savannah, and Grace.  Our first kids from Hollywood should be arriving the beginning of February.

                 Sires Sire:  CH Goldthwaite Intrepid *B
Sire:  Goldthwaite Barishnikov *B
                 Sires Dam:  SGCH Exotic Dancer 2*M
                 Dams Sire: SG Goldthwaite Merlin ++*B
Dam:  SG Goldthwaite Enchanted 10*M
                 Dams Dam:  SGCH Goldthwaite Jewels 9*M 

SG Goldthwaite Enchanted 10*M



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