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Nubian Dairy Goats that Show and Milk

Goldthwaite Reggae

DOB: 4/6/2008         N1493368


       Reggae is Goldthwaite Samba's littermate brother.  We love the udder attachment and how milky Samba is, so we decided to jump on the offer when Beverly Goldthwaite offered him to us for the breeding season.  We love the daughter that Bev has in her herd and anticipate wonderful kids from him coming in 2012.  We are so excited to have him.  Reggae is bred to the following does for this season:  Mistique, Missy, Hannibal, Lulu, Portia, Pandee and Lambergini.

                 Sires Sire:  SG Prairie-Fire Voyager +*B
Sire:  Goldthwaite Bon Rico
                 Sires Dam:  Goldthwaite Bon Amica 7*M
                 Dams Sire: SG Goldthwaite Homar +*B
Dam:  SG Goldthwaite Waltz
                 Dams Dam:  SG Goldthwaite Clementi 6*M


                             Waltz - Samba & Reggae's dam                                                    Samba - 2 year old 1st freshener







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